Dan Montgomery loves Stand Up Paddling!

Paddling Boarding Tutorial For Beginners

…A Step By Step Guide To Learn Stand Up Paddle From Scratch

Watching expert Paddlers and asking questions is not the only way to learn Stand Up Paddling from scratch. Though there is nothing wrong in “winging” it but having a step-by-step surfing tutorial can help you learn the basics faster and get you on the waves and skimming like an expert in the shortest possible time. Here is a simple step-by-step guide in learning Paddle surfing from the basics.

1. Getting a Board

The first step to learn to Paddle surfing is to first get your own board that you will be using for the sport. Surfing classes will provide you with basic boards to practice but having your own develops a familiarity with your equipment that is quite convenient for you later on. If it’s your first time to buy a board then you might want to ask an expert to give you some tips on how to pick the right one. In most cases, novice surfers are advised to get boards made from lightweight material for better control and maneuverability.

2. Learn To Balance

Now that you have your own board, or gotten your hands one that you will be using for practice, the next step is to learn how to balance yourself on top of it. You don’t have to start by standing on it, but you can give it a shot to see if you can already do it. If you can’t do it standing up or in a crouch then try to get the feel of the board and your balance by lying it on face down. Beginners will also get the knack of paddling since you will have to row your way to the waves before you can surf. You can also practice with your board on a swimming pool of you have one.

3. Physical Exercise

Balance and familiarity with your surfboard is not the only requirement to learning how to surf. You also need to have your body in peak physical condition to make sure you can do the basic feats without getting tired easily. First, you need to improve the strength of your arms so you can easily lift yourself up to a standing position to catch the waves. Leg power is also an essential requirement since you need to be able to have the strength to stay in a standing position as you skim through the swells. While you’re at it; you might want to improve your overall body flexibility and stamina through cardiovascular exercises.

4. Hands-On Experience

Once you have easily mastered step 2 and 3, the only thing left in this surfing tutorial is to try to waves out for the first time. Don’t be afraid to get wiped out easily since that is part of the learning process. If you do fall off your board then consider it as training to swim back and to climb back up on to try again. Also, you might want to try out with small swells first close to shore before trying the much bigger and dangerous looking waves.

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Want to know how Dan Montgomery always looks so awesome?

I’ll let you into a secret no one knows…. Shhhh
Dan follows the Paleo diet! Yep he is a hard core Paleo fan!
I know what you’re thinking this is just some unrealistic celebrity fad but no it’s not. Thousands of average people across the globe have changed to the paleo lifestyle and had amazing results. Dan is just one of the many who have found the paleo lift style to work. He loves to whip up his own scrumptious, paleo meals at home.


The Paleo diet is not an unhealthy celebrity fad just to loose weight. It is a whole lifestyle which has good science behind it and will keep you feeling and looking fantastic.
The Paleo Diet is based around the principle that our bodies have not changed since we were hunter gatherers but our diet has. Our modern diet of highly processed, manufactured foods has made us fat so the paleo diet is basically eating the same kinds of foods as they did make in the cavemans days; eating vegetables, meat, nuts, seafood, poultry, eggs and fruit. It eliminates the starch carbs and refines sugars that our modern diets are full of.
According to a reliable source one of Dan’s favourite paleo meals is BBQ meatballs. Paleo diet

He loves that they easy to make and even more delicious to eat. You can find the full recipes here.

Dan is not the only Famous Person to convert over to Paleo did you know that Jack Osbourne
Jack Osbourne, son of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne, Eva La Rue The coveted curves of this CSI: Miami star are a result of her passion for the Paleo lifestyle and Uma Thurman from butt-kicking Kill Bill Movies.

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 How Does Dan Montgomery Keep Fit? Balance Board Training that’s HOW!

Balance boards

Balance Board training is hot and trending. Though already in use for fitness and conditioning since the 1700s, it is now fast gaining in popularity not only with the athletes and health buff crowd but also with fairly ordinary people. Why? Here are some reasons:


1. Balance Board Training can be either high intensity interval training drills can produce clear, tangible results fast.You’ll get what you want after just a few weeks of training sessions. Studies have shown that just 15 minutes of high intensity Balance training  will effectively burn 300 calories off your body. Not only will it keep you from getting overweight, regular balance training will also improve your overall health. It will make your heart pump stronger and get your cardiovascular and respiratory systems working more efficiently. With better circulation, you get greater stamina and more vitality.


2. With Balance Board training, not only will you feel good, you can also make yourself look good. You can use the drills to cut away flab and sculpt your body to look like that of Gerard Butler in the “300” movie or of Jennifer Lopez or Penelope Cruz, all known practitioners of Balance Board training. Balance drills will tone your muscles and improve your posture. Experts say they can even be used to correct certain conditions in the alignment of the neck, shoulder and back.


3. Probably the most important reason why Balance Board training is so hot these days is because it is proven effective at helping people do what they normally do everyday in real life much better. Unlike traditional bodybuilding exercises, Balance drills can give you results that are more than just cosmetic. These traditional exercises typically use slow, controlled lifting movements and are great for isolating and working on one muscle group at a time. Balance training, in contrast, uses swinging, ballistic movements done at high reps with short intervals and can engage several muscle groups all at the same time.


their are many Balance Board Benefits, check them out here

Not many people know that Dan Montgomery conducts Drop Shipping.

In this article Dan discuss the importance of:

Know the Risks and Rewards of a Drop Ship Business before Diving in 

Before you enter into a drop ship business, you must acquire as much information about it as possible. Keep in mind that the less you know in business, the more risk you take in its failure and, thus, the more capital you lose.

Basically, you (i.e., the retailer) do not keep and store the products being sold – you just sell it to customers via your physical store or online site. When a customer orders the products, you will then purchase the goods from a third party (i.e., manufacturer or wholesaler) and have the items directly shipped to the customer.


A drop ship business has its fair share of risks and rewards, as is the case with any other form of retail business.


Risks of the Business


Let’s first discuss the risks so that you can set realistic expectations about your planned drop shipping business.


  • Low margins


Because it is so easy to get started with a drop shipping business, the competition will be based on pricing strategies mainly involving low selling prices. This translates to low profit margins for the inexperienced drop shipper.


  • Inventory issues


Keep in mind that you, the retailer, do not stock the products so you are not in control of the levels of inventory. You will likely run into inventory issues particularly the availability of stocks, the condition of the items, and the ebb and flow of the supply and demand equation, among others.


  • Shipping complexities


Working with multiple manufacturers and wholesalers of the products increases the likelihood of shipping errors and increases shipping costs. You will inevitably run into shipping complexities that will require the skills of an expert logistic professional.


  • Customer complaints


Since customers believe that they are dealing directly with the retailer, you must deal with their complaints and concerns instead of referring them to the manufacturer or wholesaler.


Fortunately, these issues can be resolved in many ways – choose the right suppliers, products, and tracking system, for example.


Rewards of the Business


When you have high risk tolerance, a drop shipping business becomes a logical choice. The rewards of said business will also be a strong encouragement to get into it and, in the process, find your niche.


  • Ease in launching


Even when you are a relative greenhorn in business, you can start your own drop shipping business. You can skip the issues related to the management of inventory, shipping, and returns, among others, faced by conventional retailers.


  • Less capital required


You can launch your business on a shoestring budget since a website can be had for free while your inventory can be purchased based on orders.


  • Minimal overhead.


Since you neither keep nor store the merchandise, you can also skip on the overhead costs (e.g., utilities, rent). Since you can work from your laptop, you also have the benefit of a flexible location.


  • Wide product selection

You can choose from as many suppliers as necessary for your business. Experts suggest, nonetheless, keeping your supplier list short during the first few months of your business and then gradually expand as necessary.


Ultimately, a drop ship business requires as much persistence, patience and passion – throw in hard work – as any business but the secret to success remains.  You have to start now!


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